Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pam cooking spray - A must have in EVERY kitchen!

The no-stick power of PAM is a must in EVERY kitchen.
I use it for my cookie sheets, cake pans & loaf pans. It works wonderfully and I was recently reminded what it is like to cook withOUT Pam.
The other day I was baking and went to grab my Pam, when I noticed the can was empty. I had to resort to coating the pan with butter and boy you truly notice the difference. My loaf of Banana bread would not budge from the pan, I finally did get it out but it did not look pretty at all. Usually if I use Pam, the results are perfect. My Banana bread comes right out of the pan and the pan is left virtually clean. I will now carry at least two cans at all times, to prevent this from happening again. Pam is a must!
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